Welcome to Learn to Sign

How to study this course

Dominant & Submissive hands


Hand shapes

Helpful hints on hand shapes

Fingerspelling practice

Basic Numbers

Basic Signs & Questioning Words

Recap Questioning Words

Introduction to British Sign Language & Sign Supported English

Basic Signs from a few different Categories

One More Sign!

Receptive Skills - Conversation in BSL

Receptive Skills - Conversation in SSE

Some Basic Practise in BSL and SSE

Directions for Inside a Building

Numbers from 31 - 99

Some Bizarre Homework...

Basic Vocabulary

Vocabulary Revisited

Categories - Animals and Pets

Categories - Clothes

Categories - Colours

Categories - Community

Categories - Countries

Categories - Days of the Week

Categories - Describing People

Categories - Drink

Categories - Emotions

Categories - Employment

Categories - Food

Categories - Fruit

Categories - Hobbies & Interests

Categories - House

Categories - People

Categories - Sport

Categories - Towns

Categories - Transport

Categories - Weather

Receptive Skills - Simple BSL Sentences with Lian

Directions for outside

Structure - Timelines and Sentences

Structure - Longer Sentences

Structure - with Stretchy Bits!

Receptive Skills - Stretchy Bits

Placement - Cup, Book and Pen

Receptive Skills - Cup, Book and Pen

Placement - Describing a Room

Placement - Objects in a room

Receptive Skills - Placement Describing a Room

Receptive Skills - Suzanne's House


Numbers in the Hundreds

The First Part of our Sign Song

Numbers in the Thousands


The Dog and the Ball

Numbers in the Millions




Describing Pets

Receptive Skills - Describing Pets

The 2nd part of our Sign Song!

The ABBA Sign Song

Sign Supported English Practise

BSL Level 1 Introduction & 101 Mock Exam

102 Mock Exam

103 Mock Exam

Daily Routine

Receptive Skills - Suzanne's Daily Routine

Describing People

Receptive Skills - Suzanne describes her Sons

Receptive Skills - Conversation in BSL II


Bonus Material - Some Deaf Awareness with Suzanne

Bonus Material - Some Deaf Awareness with Stacey

Bonus Material - Bonus Sign Song for You!

Bonus Material - First Verse

Bonus Material - Second Verse

Bonus Material - Last Verse

Bonus Material - The Rest of What a Wonderful World

Bonus Material - And now with the music

Bonus Material - A Brilliant Sign Song Performed by one of Stacey's ex-pupils Lian Duan

Bonus Material - Clips from the musical Oliver!

Bonus Material - The Abba Sign Song - Altogether Now!

Bonus Material - Outtakes